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After passing through several “musical” train stations, New Diesel Trio found itself on its way to its final destination.  “Pam Diesel” (Pam Kennedy, rhythm guitar and vocals) came from Taylor County, West Virginia, via Alabama, with stories to tell. 


“Jason Diesel” (Jarrod DeVault, bass guitar and vocals) and “Moustrap” (Greg Mason, lead guitar) have traveled together since their days at Fairmont Senior High School in Marion County, West Virginia. 


In 2015, it all came together.  Since then, NDT has looked to the past to find and play the songs you know in a way you understand; old-timey, traditional music with a modern energy, drawing from such influences as The Carter Family, Leadbelly, and Woody Guthrie. 


In 2017, they released their debut album, “1939,” a collection of inspiring songs of this world and the next, all composed before the year of it's name.  Produced independently by the band at Moustrap's Whack Shack Studios, the album has been well-recieved and featured on a popular, local radio show, The Pickin' Parlor. 


Presently, NDT seeks out unique performance opportunities at such diverse venues as county fairs, art gallery exhibitions, dinner clubs and churches throughout the Mountain State, having recently performed on a live radio show at the historic Jackson's Mill Jubilee. 

They can also be found traveling across the web on Facebook and YouTube, and their music is available on iTunes, iheart Radio and Amazon.

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